Why Mommy is a Democrat testimonials
"My wife, two-year-old daughter and I all really enjoy the
book.  The art is great, the message is fun, and the
pictures are humorous.  I think it is a great way to teach
the values of our party to young children."
-Nathan Franklin, Eau Claire, WI
"...it gets its point across in an endearing, embracing
story. It's great for reading to your children or as a gift
to nieces, nephews, cousins or friends with young kids."
-Buzzflash.com review
"I just got my copy of the book in
the mail today. It was
the coolest thing I've ever seen in
print!  My nine-year-old and I
laughed and laughed!  I will
recommend this to all of my
Democrat friends!"
-Patty Davies, Pittsburgh, PA
"You have created a
wonderful tool to
spread the good news
about a concerned and
caring political party.
Thanks so much."
-Reverend James Haupt,
San Antonio, TX
"I loved this book. It is my
favorite book."
-Kyleigh Gruhlke
(age 5)
Shady Shores, TX
"What a wonderful
book that so simply
reminds us of our
basic values and
makes me proud to
be a Democrat.  It
was the hit of my
daughter's baby
Patti Yount,
North Vernon, IN
"It really puts our
Democratic ideals into an
perspective ... our values
of fairness, helping those
less fortunate, social
justice, and preservation
of the environment are
championed throughout."
-Major Robert Hood, U.S.
Army (Ret.), Columbus, WI
"I just received my copy of Why
Mommy is a Democrat
.  It is a
wonderful book.  I immediately got
online and ordered more.  I am
looking forward to sharing your
simple, but profound message with
my two children.  Thank you for
your excellent work."
-Senator Patrice Arent,
Utah Senate
"I can't say enough about
the book -- touching
sentiment, gentle whimsy
and progressive politics.  
-Gregory Reese,
Portland, OR   
"A wonderful story to
show my son what
REAL moral values
-Erin White-Johnson,
Bakersfield, CA
"I LOVE it! I think your
book is so incredibly
straightforward and true
to the point... every
family should be
reminded of the very
simple, very important
values that we dems
hold dear.
-Julie Horn,
Akron, OH
"I am so happy that
you wrote this book!
Outstanding! This is
definitely a book for
all ages, not just
children. It explains
the long-standing
beliefs of a true
-Kay Lowe,
St. Joseph, MO
"I'm thrilled about your book, and
hope you produce more and
inspire others to do so. I'm bored
silly with the bunnies and Mickey
Mouse stuff we have to read to my
little citizen."
-Alisa Meggitt,
Iowa City, IA
"Everyone has gotten a kick
out of this book. They love it.
My son took it to one of his
classes to lend to a
professor. Thanks for your
wonderful little book
-Kit Seay, Birmingham, AL
"In a vivid way, this book shows
Democrats as still being interested
in solving our real problems:
hunger, homelessness, war,
healthcare. How refreshing!"
Bill White, Longmont, CO
"What a wonderful book.
My mom and I loved it
and I wish everyone in
the world would read it.
It is going to be my
standard baby present
from now on."
-Kitty Nicholason,
Grand Junction, CO
"A lovely book, and a
great Christmas
present for any
-Mary von Dorster,
Noank, CT
"The book is charming
-- with a message even
a child can enjoy and
-Debbie Brennan,
Moss Beach, CA
"I ordered one of your books and
found it timely, original, and clear.
My kindergarten granddaughter
reads it to me herself and is very
-Nancy Barton, Loveland, OH
"My sisters and I are
using them this
Christmas for
stocking stuffers for
our adult children.
We love the book!  
What a great idea."
-Beth Shepherd,
Charlevoix, MI
"Your book arrived today and we love it!  I
bought it for my daughter who will be 6 in a
few weeks.  I saw your ad and had to have
because her Mommy IS a Democrat.  In
fact, she's a Democrat running for State
Representative in Central Ohio. Thanks for
your excellent book!"
-Paul Ackerman, Powell, OH
"My Son bought me this book for
Christmas. We all got a good chuckle
out of it, but the truth it tells is the real
story. Everyone who cares about the
state our country is in should get a
copy and share it, both with those with
whom they agree politically, and those
with whom they don't."
-Sally Rasmussen, La Harpe, IL