"Marion County
Democrats purchased
80 copies and sold
them for $10 each.
Everyone loved them,
and I've ordered
more! This book tells
it like it is and it's a
great way to send our
message. The
artwork is great!"
-Belinda Biafore,
Chair, Marion
County (WV)
"I can’t thank you
enough for this
opportunity to
promote our values.
The 10 we ordered
sold like donkeys at
our York County
convention and folks
ordered more. I'd like
to order 10 more."  
-Cherie Mabrey,
York County
Democratic Party of
South Carolina
"Harris County
Democratic Party
members have a very
positive response to
Why Mommy is a
. We have
received two shipments
of 24 books. We will
place another order for
at least 24 more."
-Phillip McNutt,
Harris County (TX)
Democratic Party
"Why Mommy Is a
has worked
very well as a
fundraising item. I took
15 copies to our County
Convention and asked
for a donation of $10 for
each book. I sold all of
them and only wished I
had 50 more."  
-Kathleen O’Brien,
1st Vice Chair,
District 6 Democratic
Party of Arizona
Democratic party organizations, Democratic candidates, and other progressive non-profit organizations wishing to
use books as fundraising items (or for any other purpose) are eligible for significant discounts.
contact me  for specific prices and details.